I’ve been working hard over the holidays: scanning news stories, observing the human condition and churning out columns while you people exchanged gifts, enjoyed nice meals and visited with friends and relatives from a safe distance. But next week I’m going to take a break because today I am going to offer up the thing I treasure the most — Page 4 on the mostly widely-read newspaper in New Braunfels, Texas — for someone to step up and write a column on why someone would not wear a mask in public.

Let me set the stage for you. I was at the grocery store yesterday where I would say 99% of the customers were wearing masks and taking steps not to get too close to their fellow consumers. But the one percenters were there as well and you know how it is at the grocery store — if you see someone on one aisle you will probably run into them again on the next aisle and so on. 

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Rita Wittwer

My thoughts, exactly. Non-maskers are a royal self-centered pain. If they want individual freedom, let’s send them to Gilligan’s Island and keep you here.

Bob Page

Do us all a favor Jack stay at Gilligans Island and sink to boat really tired of you wasting ink and trees.

Jack McKinney

But I love you for writing in, Bob. Do you think you can expand these deep thoughts to a page and half, single-spaced, and turn it in by Thursday?

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