The Merriam Webster dictionary defines disingenuous as giving a false appearance of simple frankness. That’s a polite description of Kyle Biederman’s recent article Myth Busting Voter Suppression. Sure the bill does have some positive provisions as do most bad bills. Biederman fails to mention any of the provisions that make it harder to vote or prohibit places like Harris County from adjusting with the times by offering extended voting hours so that people who work night shifts, like so many who clean downtown office buildings or at refineries and other businesses that operate 24 hours a day, can stop in to vote on their way home.

Biedermann also “forgot” to mention that HB3 would allow partisan poll watchers access to disrupt voting despite their notorious track record of intimidating voters of color. In addition the bill spreads fear to voters, election officials, and good Samaritans to discourage their participation by further criminalizing Texas’ electoral process, targeting election officials in particular for minor mistakes.

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Biederman responded to my letter asking for evidence for supporting laws that suppress voting in Texas today (Sept 13). He said he had no evidence to support his vote for voter suppression.

Imagine that...a representative that supports laws that suppress and discourage Texas citizens to legally vote. Biedermann sounds like a man that hates and fears a democratic form of government. Is this the type of representation that our district wants?


I just emailed Biederman today (Sep 9th) demanding specifics as to why he supported more restrictive voting measures after Texas just recorded a record turnout of voting in the 2020 elections. The sign of a vibrant democracy is voter participation. It appears Biederman and Sen Campbell are attempting to restrict voter turnout in 2020, wonder why?

I demanded Biederman and Campbell provided specifics and empirical evidence of voter fraud, rigged voting machines etc in the 2020 elections. I specifically demanded they don't offer their OPINION as to why the desire more restrictive voting, but measurable empirical evidence as to justify these restrictive voting measures.

I really don't expect and answer to my question because this this is clearly an attempt to cheat in the next election by rigging the outcome! Some if there was evidence of fraud and rigged voting machines I expect an answer. Trouble is...they haven't publicly presented any evidence yet.

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