New Braunfels, I am disappointed in you. Contrary to popular belief, Governor Abbott’s mask mandate remains in full effect to this day with no announcements of rescinding it anytime soon. 

As an RN in one of our local Covid ICU’s, the selfishness of local anti-maskers has given me the sort of job security I always wanted to have, just not in this way. 

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Jim Sohan

Richard: What is your point? Are you saying the problem is the “little female door greeter?” Maybe, management's failure to have a “bouncer” at the door to enforce the rules? Again, what is your point? The people Jenna is talking about is the 6ft tall, bearded man, in his 30s that you observed. She’s calling on him and others like him to mask up. Did the greeter and other store employees have masks on? If no, then they’re part of the problem as well, which again, Jenna pointed out. Smaller businesses in many ways are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They don’t have the staff or the resources to enforce the mandate, but they can insist their staff follows the rules. They can also refuse to make the sale, but again, in these economically troubled times, that one sale could be the difference between a profit and a loss on that day. While I can cut smaller businesses a little slack, larger businesses no. HEB, Home Depot, Lowes and others have options. HEB could have one door for entry and one door for exit, and hire an off-duty Comal County Sheriff to stand next to the greeter. Last, but not least, I hope I’m not the only one out there offended by your use of the words “little female door greeter."

Janna Reeves


At least read it correctly. Good day sir

Janna Reeves

Also, I’m not sure what you’re referring to about “little female door greeter;“ read my above letter again more thoroughly, because those words do not appear in that reply in anyway whatsoever

Janna Reeves

My apologies, I just saw your comment was in reply to the other gentleman

Jim Sohan

:-) No problem. I do apologize about getting your name wrong, as you know I was responding to Mr Johnson and took the spelling from his response vice your original Letter to the Editor.

Richard Johnson

Well Jenna, on Thursday, I went to a local store. I masked up, as normal, but as I was leaving the store, a person, about 6ft tall, mid 30's, bearded was walking out in front of me. He had no bags for his items, no mask, and a hunting knife about 10 inches long in his knife holster at his wast. He went past this little female door greeter, You know the one that is supposed to check your receipt if you have no bags for your items, and the one that would be the one to enforce the mask mandate. She did not stop him. Why? Intimidation. Attitude. She could not enforce anything. Yet, you wonder why.

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