I wish to commend Mr. Mike Nash for his insightful opinion piece entitled “A stepping stone to the White House,” recently published in the weekend edition. Mr. Nash ponders whether allegations of unwanted, inappropriate behavior against women by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo might actually qualify the governor to run for President of the United States. 

His reasoning is 100% correct; in no universe that I am aware of. The inference could be that it may well become a strategic campaign option in the future. I, for one, admire Mr. Nash’s courage in exposing this logic previously lost on the majority of us. After all, it worked well for President Bill Clinton, twice. President Joe Biden has now won in a present-day historical landslide, following a tremendously successful political campaign despite his unscientific aroma sampling of female shampoo choices. Therefore, we now have statistical and anecdotal evidence to contemplate. Have you wondered how someone who seemingly didn’t campaign and provides an endless flow of gaffes and nonsensical utterances harvested over 80 million popular votes (and counting) versus President Obama’s 2012 total of 62 million? That assuredly presents a disturbing possibility.  Considering that, perhaps a history of harassing women might just be a contributing factor for getting votes. However, most decent people don’t think like that. I don’t, and you probably don’t either. 

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