So, you think you might like to vote for Trump again, but before you solidify that decision, take a look at some concrete proposals Democrats make — not the wannabe/impossible/pie-in-the-sky kind, but real, concrete proposals, right before your very eyes and ears, if you watch TV and read the newspaper.

But before I get to that, you know, don’t you, that calling Democrats “socialists” is purely made up? 

You know that in your heart of hearts, don’t you? 

It is a re-dredge of distant, political, muckraking rants of the late 19th and early 20th century (go look it up).  

It is meant to maliciously enliven the basest, most negative crevices of our brains — the opposite of the good in our nature where we care for women and children; provide clean, respectful workplaces, with respectful wages, and welcome the newcomer, no matter where skin color falls on the color palette.  

Just wanted you to know that.  

Now for the good news; the Democrat Good News:

 • Absolute, clean separation of church and state, and quit acting like the First Amendment doesn’t exist.

• Recognize and actively deal with the regression of our climate.

• Provide low cost health care for all citizens — imagine that!

• Low cost child care — as in Scandinavia, et al. Go look it up.

• Taxing the uber-rich through an assortment of sensible means.

• Tuition-free (or low) (public) college.

• Student loan debt relief.

• Gun control — several ways to legislate this (maybe this should be first on the list (?).

• Reclaim and codify net neutrality.

• Raise the minimum wage.

• Rejoin NATO and the Iran Nuclear Deal; revitalize the State Department, Interior  Department, and all of the other departments dismantled by Trump’s agents.

• Abolish the Electoral College.

• Abortion — legal and safe, country-wide, PERIOD!

• Limit Right to Work laws, and strengthen/support unions.

In addition, maybe we can figure out how our tax system could provide for a way for us, as individuals, to opt-out of using (my/our) tax money for plans, Democratic or Republican, we as citizens and taxpayers find egregious. 

Yes, the IRS would have to hire more agents, but we would then be able to make sure that another Vietnam doesn’t occur, or say, use military (taxpayer) money to build a vanity wall.

And in addition to the addition:  Mexico, and the countries of Central America, are, for the most part, our friends.  

Currently, we behave towards them as nasty kindergarteners in a nail-and-thumbtack-littered playground, instead of facing what previous administrations have ignored. 

We need to, and have the capability of, lifting these countries up so they become part of our hemispheric family instead of orphans.  

What’s the matter with us?  We can do this and be proud to tell our children what we have accomplished when we take them to visit the wonders of Mesoamerica!

I hope these words help those who would vote for Trump know that the oft-demonized “other side” is not the negative scourge he (and Fox News) would portray, but instead are visionaries and follow-throughers (I made up that word), with genuine care and concern for our one-of a-kind, never-seen-before-on-earth — America.

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Stephen Baird

Mr. Page and Mr. Johnson,

Please don't try to describe what I, as a Democrat think, or give reasons for why I am for or against certain policy. It's insulting. If I were to characterize all Republicans based on your remarks here it would also be unfair and embarrassing to many other Republicans.

Bob Page

Democratic socialist ideals are bad for our country. Them and the media are the catalyst of discord when they use bad names for those who disagree with them. There is no tolerance nor middle ground for your way of thinking.

Martha Mendez

The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter

Here are a few...


---Justin Amash (U.S. REPRESENTATIVE) “a loser”---

---Ted Cruz (U.S. SENATOR) “LYIN' Ted”---

---Adam Schiff (U.S. CONGRESSMAN) “little Adam Schitt”---

---Sadiq Khan (MAYOR OF LONDON) “Pathetic”---

---The Koch brothers “have become a total joke”---

---Charles Krauthammer (COLUMNIST)“a @FoxNews flunky”,“dopey”---


---Ruth Bader Ginsburg (SUPREME COURT JUSTICE) “an incompetent judge!”---

---Steve Bannon (FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF STRATEGIST) “Sloppy Steve”---

---Glenn Beck (TELEVISION PERSONALITY “dumb as a rock”---


---Alicia Machado (FORMER MISS UNIVERSE) “disgusting”, ”“a con”,“my worst Miss U”

---Jeb Bush (FORMER FLORIDA GOVERNOR) “failed presidential candidate”“no honor!”--

---Rex Tillerson (FORMER U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE) “a man who is “dumb as a rock””-

---Rick Perry (FORMER TEXAS GOVERNOR) “should be forced to take an IQ test”---

Richard Johnson

Democrats for the most part are made up of those folks that simply are democrats because their family member was one, and they are doing the rah-rah for my side. They don't look closely at what the current leaders are saying. If they did, they would not be happy with at least 80% of what was being proposed. For example in the above "opinion piece" there is listed "• Recognize and actively deal with the regression of our climate." This is something that is there to actively destroy our way of life. This is the reason used to make us take public transit, exclusively if possible. (Taking away our ability to travel freely using our own means.) Exclude Air travel if possible (except for those Elites in the party.) I can go down that list, and show the socialist meaning that is expressed in each and every list item. Sorry, democrats, your leaders are now Socialists (another name is "progressives"), take back your party, and actually support and defend the Constitution.

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