I didn’t vote for Trump. Hillary according to the Democrats was as saintly as Mother Teresa. However, everyone knew she was less than saintly. Instead, she was afflicted with the soul of an East German border guard. The dreadful notion of another sleazy Clinton being President made me write in a vote knowing that this vote would be void because conniving Hillary had zero chance of winning in Texas.

We recently have further evidence of what exactly was meant when Obama told of how his party would be, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” 

Now we have a Democrat impeachment manager, Adam Schiff, confirming this by saying, “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” What Schiff is implying is that the Democrats will “fundamentally transform” the nation by refusing to honor elections they don’t win and will impeach any president who doesn’t have their approval.

These two threatening statements are the only real “threats to democracy” Democrats prattle incessantly about.

John K. Landry,

New Braunfels


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Kelly Butler

Mr. Laundry,

I enjoyed reading your comment.

While I voted for Trump (and I won’t hide it nor will I apologize for it), it was only because the alternative was way too corrupt for my taste.

I did cringe through the first year of Trump’s term, hollering at the tv for Trump to shut up often, I now know he was what America needed.

I hope he wins a second term.

Kelly Butler

Richard Johnson

Yes, I totally agree with your letter! My family and I will be moving to the NB area from the Pacific Northwest soon. Here it's plain to see what the end result of Democratic leadership brings!!! Homelessness, corruption, and high taxes to pay for Democratic programs (that don't solve any real problems!). I voted for Trump. That being said, I too often don't like his tweeting. Maybe his candor in doing this is just what we need. Someone who honestly shows himself, warts and all. I wonder how shocked we might be if we had the same look into the lives of... Bernie, Joe, Adam, Nancy, Chuck!!! Are you scared yet? I am voting for the President, warts and all, because I feel that I know him... and though he's not perfect by a long shot, I know he's got the country's best interest at heart. I hope that many others will see things the same way. Our country's existence is at stake.

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