I want to thank Don Volz for his recent column, “With whom do you stand?” It is a very important and timely question for all of us. 

We are living through a chaotic time for the U.S. 

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Bob Page

Wow Jim, your really the uninformed one. You spent all day trying to tell me you won’t waste your time trying to convince me. We’ll you did waste your time and you won’t convince me that my koolaid isn’t as powerful as yours. You and your ilk will lead to a fight in the country to stop socialism. So keep babbling and you’ll have another 4 years of whining come Nov.

Rita Wittwer

I’m not sure why I’m responding to this LTE because changing people’s minds seems impossible. It is so obvious that trump is a racist, but he also doesn’t care about anyone other than what they can do for him. When they stop fawning, they’re also dispensable. The Constitution is merely a document that stands in his way in his quest for absolute power. Laws are for others, not him. He has no stake in our democratic traditions, and will engage in whatever means to maintain his presidency. Overly narcissistic, he has no empathy for others and no moral code. His singular obsession is wealth, which is why he’s enamored with Putin. Voting for trump poses a very real threat to our republic and democracy, what little there is left of it. We know that a country divided cannot stand. We need someone who wants to heal us, not break us further.

Jim Sohan

Rita, I have no delusions about changing most of these people’s minds. No matter how many facts you provide, how many conspiracy theories you debunk, they’ve just got too much invested in the lie that is Donald Trump to consider any other possibility. It truly is like a cult and until they see the light, their opinions won’t change. We can’t, however, allow them to continue espousing their falsehoods, conspiracy theories, etc., without at least trying to set the record straight whenever possible. Don’t lose hope though. I have friends who have seen the light, not because I convinced them, but because they finally came to the conclusion that no matter how much they agreed with some of Trump's positions and policies, the negatives far outweigh the positives and we can’t risk destroying our democracy by reelecting him. Believe it or not, other friends, who are still Trump supporters, have been surprised to find out we can actually find common ground on a lot of issues such as gun control, abortion, and health care. Even then, they ultimately realize that roadblocks exist to reaching the common ground we’ve agreed to because those positions would never be funded or supported by this administration or Republican Senate, no matter how reasonable or acceptable to the general public. Last, but not least, we’ve seen neighbors who we never thought in a million years could support a Democrat put a Biden sign in their yard. So again, don’t lose hope. We don’t have to change all of their minds, just enough to make a difference.

Ernie Wittwer

Thank you, Jim, for your thoughtful response to the false choices and false narrative of the writer.

Bob Page

Jim, In my 30 year career I swore to defend the Constitution of These United States against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, on 8 different occasions. The rhetoric and hateful speech I hear every day coming from the press and the "dems" is concerning. First defund the police, next defund the military. If the likes of "The Squad" don't scare the hell of of you and if you truly believe they don't want to tear down our democracy you simply chose to stay in the dark. Biden will not last a full term and conspiracy or not, the "Dems" have a plan and the radical left wing of your party plan to take over. If there had truly been a middle of the road candidate that could actually think for themselves and assure me they'd be healthy enough to survive the dishonesty of the far left of the party, I'd consider a different vote. But not under these circumstances. I'm sticking with a known quantity this go around.

Jim Sohan

As I said in my response, I may not understand how you can vote for Trump as a Veteran, but I defend your right to do so. Again, I just wish you and others could end the false choice and false narrative approach. In your response you've stated false hoods. The Democratic platform is not to defund the police or defund the military. "The Squad" scares the hell out of you, even though their are actually checks and balances on what they can do, yet White Supremacists and other far right extremists don't bother you? As a Veteran do you support Caputo's comments basically encouraging armed confrontation and insurrection? Do you honestly believe we're one of the most corrupt countries in the world and the elections are rigged, and implying that to undermine trust in the outcome is acceptable? I've always believed our leaders are accountable, whether I voted for them or not. Your comments would carry a little more weight if you could call out the bad as well as what you see as good when it comes to Donald Trump and this administration. There's plenty of unacceptable behavior on the part of this President and his administration, but the kool-aid must be really good to make people blind to those facts.

Michael Keel

Mr. Sohan,

As a retired veteran, I'm certainly going to vote for President Trump, and probably every other Republican on the ballot. You're obviously a Trump hater, and that appears to have blinded your conscience to the threat the modern leftist-controlled Democrat party poses to our country. TDS? Bob Page had it right -- our oaths compel us to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. The Dems ARE out for our guns -- witness Biden's promise to make Robert Francis O'Rourke his gun czar. The possession of legal weapons, regardless shape, size, or whatever, is a Constitutional right that leftist Dems deplore. In none of these comments do I see any mention of how Biden will deal with the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe because we all know he'll default back to his days as a wimp Senator and feckless VP, slobbering all over Xi and his hacks. Communist China is a very serious international AND domestic challenge now, which the President has brought into the light and is actively fighting them in what is, in fact, the new Cold War. And speaking of vets, I wonder how those wonderful guys who fought there way from the Chosin Reservoir in December 1950 against hundreds of thousands of Chinese Communist troops, or died trying, would feel about Biden calling the Chinese Communist Party "great people"? You mention 'insurrection" -- that's already happening in Seattle, Portland, New York City, etc., but it's not Republicans engaged in it. And, of course, you had to throw in the obligatory "White Supremacists" line. Who, specifically, is a White Supremist? Where, specifically are they? How, specifically, do they have anything to do with this administration or the Republican party? Oh, yeah, and how about that pandemic? What, specifically, is factual evidence that Biden and a hard-left administration would've done any better than the current administration? It sounds like you either don't honestly know of or willfully disregard the enormous efforts Mr. Trump directed the federal government and military engage in to fight the virus. To turn your words, all-in-all there's plenty of great work that's ACTUALLY been done by the President and his administration, and your comments would carry a little more weight if you'd call out the good as well as what you see as bad. There is clear choice for this American -- TRUMP!

Jim Sohan

I’m not going change your mind, so I’m not going to waste my time arguing or trying to reason with you. However, I will say, I’m not a Trump hater and truly hoped he would be successful as our President. Disagreeing with his policies and feeling he’s proven himself unqualified for the job, doesn’t make me a Trump hater, it makes me a realist if anything. I’m mistrustful of main stream media and don’t follow any of the major networks whether they lean right or left. I take pride in listening to all sides, gathering information and the facts, and making informed decisions. And while Trump says his supporters shouldn't believe what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, even if it comes from him, I listen closely to what Trump says and have no misconceptions about what kind of person he is and the danger his is to this country. Of course getting anyone to take an honest unbiased look at the facts when they’ve already made their mind up based on unsupported talking points, disinformation and in some case outright lies, is an impossible task. So again, I won't bother trying. As for my “obligatory “White Supremacists” Line”, Director Wray testified to the Senate that White Supremacist organizations were the biggest domestic terrorist threat to our Country. And, I’ll save you the time by acknowledging you’ll inform me he’s part of the deep state whose only intention is to bring Trump down. In the end, I sleep comfortably at night knowing I haven’t drank the kool-aid.

Jim Sohan

Stop with the false choices and false narratives. You can love our Country, support our Constitution and the civil liberties it guarantees, believe in financial freedom, be a Christian, and NOT vote for Donald Trump. You can be a Republican, and NOT vote for Donald Trump. Just as you can support the 2nd Amendment while being a responsible gun owner and believing in reasonable gun laws. Just as you can be pro-choice, but not believe in or support abortion. My fellow retired military friends are basically evenly split between Trump and Biden, and while we may not understand why someone supports a particular candidate, we would never question each others love for this Country, their support for the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees, or their willingness to die defending this Country. The threat of socialism has been bantered about by Republicans since the days of FDR, but what we seem to forget is FDR led us through World War II, while Trump can’t lead us through a pandemic. Maybe when as many Americans die from Covid-19 as died fighting for our great Country in World War II, people will realize who really cares about this Country, the Constitution, religious freedom, etc. Voting against Donald Trump DOES NOT mean you hate this Country, it might just show how much you really love this Country.

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