Now our Republican lawmakers are pushing to publicly identify the whistleblower who revealed wrongdoing by the President.  Trump was overheard soliciting help from a foreign government for his own 2020 election.  Further revealed was the bribery used by Trump to obtain this help.

Numerous high-level officials have now come out PUBICLY under oath in congressional hearings confirming this illegal bribery actually took place.  This is the No. 1 issue these lawmakers need to be concentrating on — not the whistleblower. 

The name of the whistleblower at this point makes not one iota of difference. The chairman of the congressional committee who is refusing to reveal the name is only following the law. It is a federal law protecting the identity of any and all whistleblowers in all agencies of the government — up to and including the White House. 

The guarantee of anonymity is designed to provide incentive and a lawful method for persons in the government to come forward with information about wrongdoing.  This provides an important tool for authorities to find and get rid of the “bad apples.” Those who always talk of “draining the swamp” should be thankful for this whistleblower law. 

To uphold the law, Republican lawmakers should support this anonymity.  But, they would prefer we violate the law — just to protect their ‘tweeting overlord’ in the White House.  And these hypocrites claim to be law abiding citizens.  Give me a break. 

 David J. Smith,


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