I just read the article by Chris Lykins about Southern Hospitality. It begins by informing the reader that “My life is a Lie.” 

I must say I really don’t understand the point of this so negative and degrading article. I too was born in Texas and have lived here all of my life. I have travelled all over the United States and also abroad and I find Southern Hospitality to be alive and well in comparison to many locations.

 If there are other places that are friendly as well, that is great. But to say “So the next time someone talks to you about Southern Hospitality, you can safely ignore them. It’s a lie we tell ourselves so we don’t have to slow down for crosswalks,” after visiting Maine for one week is very myopic.

J. Allen,

New Braunfels


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Shirley Fraser

I believe Mr. Lykins wrote this column tongue-in-cheek. I believe he intended to spark a smile not express negativity! At its core, his column gives a nod not only to Maine's hospitality but also to our legendary Texas friendliness.

To be fair, Texans do usually view yellow traffic lights as suggestions and crosswalks as road decoration. :)

Kelly Butler

Very well said Mr/Ms Allen. 👍🏼

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