On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy postponed long-planned cost-cutting and efficiency initiatives at the U.S. Postal Service until after the 2020 election to “avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail.”  

It was a wise decision, and effectively eviscerates the substance of Brenda Witt’s Aug. 20 letter to the editor, her outrageous assertion that President Trump and DeJoy were out to “sabotage the U.S. Postal Service and the 2020 election.”  

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Interesting you choose to use as support right wing conservative sources. Why not use your man Trump's own evidence? After all, he formed a commission after the 2016 elections to prove the massive wide spread voter fraud he proclaimed. Oh wait...Trump disbanded the commission after they found NOTHING.

Five states in this country (Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado and Hawaii) have been doing 100% mail voting for years. No accusations of voter fraud yet. How can you explain that Mr. Volz?

When 10% of the states in this country have been using 100% mail voting for years and have had no issues or complaints from either democratic or republican officials, I'd have to say that's a proven test bed to go national with 100% mail voting.

Slowing down postal delivery (6-10% nationally) is a political decision to discredit mail in voting. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was extremely disingenuous (I'd call it perjury during senate testimony) when he said the "slow down" was due to covid19 issues. Strange, the facts don't support his lie. There was no evidence of a mail delivery slowdown in the three months of covid19 activity prior to Dejoy assuming his position! DeJoy immediately started the slow down with the policies he enacted. He immediately enacted policies obviously to slow down mail delivery in order to lend credence to Trump's unfounded claims for the potential of fraud using mail in ballots.

Michael Keel

Actually, the commission was disbanded due mainly to the lack of cooperation from the states in supplying voter data, and there never was a report issued because there wasn't enough data available to write a report with. So to say the commission found "NOTHING", is misleading. It will have to be state and local governments, who have direct control over their respective Secretaries of State and Registrars, be the investigators of voter fraud, and that is likely not going to happen. Suffice to say, when one mails-in a ballot, whether it be an absentee ballot or a state-allowed regular ballot, they never know whether or not it was actually counted or even arrived at the addressed destination. I wonder how those mail-in voters in those five states you cited know their vote is even acknowledged to have been cast? At least here in Comal County our voting machines provide a positive indicator when the ballot is read and tabulated -- folks who don't make an effort to get to the polls don't get that feedback.

Quincy Adams

The commission was disbanded because it was a typical dishonest Trump sham (a real surprise) and one of the members of the committee (who was denied access) had to take it to court to gain access to the findings after Trump's head lackey on the committee started floating lies about voter fraud (Kris Koback). Trump didn’t want the truth to be made public so he thought if he disbanded it the lawsuit would be dropped and he wouldn’t be forced to make the findings public.

It was the Trump White House who made up the excuse of being denied voter data by the States. Once again no bases in facts, just more Trump lies.

Mr Dunlap is one of the committee members who had to go to court to have the findings made public.

In his letter addressed to Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Dunlap wrote that he joined the commission in “good faith” and with “optimism,” but that his experience with the bipartisan group left him skeptical of the intention of the study.

“Unfortunately, my experience on the Commission quickly caused me concern that its purpose was not to pursue the truth but rather to provide an official imprimatur of legitimacy on the President Trump’s assertions that millions of illegal votes were cast during the 2016 election and to pave the way for policy changes designed to undermine the right to vote,” Dunlap said in the letter.


An additional sidenote: I was able to look up in 2018 on the Comal County Web site daily recorded voters by name in 2018. That included mail in voters. I assume that hasn’t changed.

Jim Sohan

I’m not going to even waste my time discussing voter fraud since the idea of wide spread voter fraud has been debunked by many people in many forums from both parties. Donald Trump’s Commission on Voter Fraud disbanded without finding anything, but of course that was because the Deep State has it so well hidden and didn’t cooperate. As for making the Post Office profitable, if you can’t get your facts correct, people shouldn’t pay any attention at all to what you write. Back in April, during one of his many rants on how Amazon takes advantage of the Post Office, Trump made the following comment to Steve Mnuchin, “If they don’t raise the price, I’m not signing anything. So they’ll raise the price, so they become more profitable, but so they lose much less money. If they don’t do it, I’m not signing anything, and I’m not authorizing you to do anything, Steve.” Additionally, you only have to read his twitter account to see numerous comments in cutting losses. Trump may have never said the specific words “the Postal Service should make a profit,” but he’s made it more than clear on numerous occasions that is what he thinks and expects.

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