In his recent column titled ‘Today’s Democrats Radically Different,’ Mr. John Cassata takes past remarks and policy suggestions by Democrats, adds a few myths of his own, and implies that this is the platform of ‘new’ Democrats. His characterization of how I think as a progressive Democrat is humorous, untrue and not worth rebuttal. I do want to take issue with the accomplishments that he attributes to the Trump Administration and to highlight other policy errors. 

1. While the economy is doing well, it is nothing more than an extension of what was happening in the last four years of the Obama Administration. In fact, more jobs were created per month during those years than have been created in the first three years of Trump. 

2. Most of the $1.5 billion in the tax reform has gone to wealthy citizens and almost all of it has added to the deficit. Under Trump, deficits don’t seem to matter. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the deficit in 2019 ballooned to $960 billion and will average $1.2 trillion in 2020 and beyond.

3. Withdrawal from the Iraq Nuclear Agreement and the Paris Climate Accord were both terrible decisions, in my view, and has left our allies with a clear message that they can’t count on us to honor any future pact in which we may engage. 

4. Trump and Republican Congressional actions have undermined Obamacare, and their efforts have directly led to substantial increases in health insurance premiums. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has led a lawsuit to declared Obamacare unconstitutional. If this happens, more than 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance. There is no replacement plan at this time. 

5. Trump’s action to remove our troops from strategic areas in Syria, against the advice of his military advisors, has led to the death of many Kurds (allies) and left a void there that Putin has been happy to fill.

I can back up my opinions with evidence to support the reasoning. And I am not going to insult Republicans by telling them how they collectively think. Both Republicans and Democrats have diverse views within their parties and to take a remark from an individual or group and attribute that to everyone is inappropriate.

Stephen Baird,

New Braunfels

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Bob Page

Joyce and Stephan. You are hypocrites but that’s not unusual for socialist Democrats. You blame Trump for everything and have eaten from the poisonous fruit fro the left & right coasts of NY / Calif you love them so much go live there.

Stephen Baird

Bob, personal attacks are not useful. I don't blame Trump for everything. For example, I believe his attempts to adjust China's bad trade policies are good. I also think his efforts to make some progress with North Korea are useful.

However, his total disregard for our climate crisis, his undermining of the Affordable Care Act and his withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement are policy positions that should be opposed and criticized.

I'm not moving. Your response on that is pretty typical. Over the years, I've been told to move to Cuba, Russia, etc by several other people who prefer personal attacks to real discussion.

Joyce Doyle

Thanks for writing this. The article you are responding to was full of distortions, and everyone should know not to listen to someone telling you what the other side thinks. I guess we have to keep pointing that out.

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