From recognizing community helpers to helping community organizations do even more good, the last seven days have seen New Braunfelsers pushing to make the city better than ever.


New Braunfels’ Main Plaza is a place where lots of things happen. It’s where community gathers for a number of big events, whether it’s the lighting of the Christmas tree, the National Day of Prayer or this year’s Memorial Day ceremony.  

It’s not typically where semi trucks flip over on their sides and cause traffic detours for hours, but that’s what happened on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to the quick effort of first responders, traffic was rapidly routed around the circle and NBPD steered people away from the area while crews with wrecker companies got the big rig back on its wheels.

In an area that’s so important, and so visible, it was good to see multiple agencies working hand in hand to move the truck along and re-open the area to drivers.


New Braunfels residents care deeply about transportation issues. It’s why they readily approved bond money for street repairs and projects earlier this year. 

It’s why, when you ask people for their complaints, transportation inevitably tops the list or hovers near the top.

So to see New Braunfels tackling the issue of transit in such an open, transparent fashion as the recent group and study they launched this week points to at least the possibility of good things.

New Braunfels needs more options beyond more cars on its already crowded streets. Hopefully this effort yields additional transportation options — particularly for those who can’t drive, or who can’t afford to drive to get around.

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