Some may think that the events of Jan. 6 are the result of the rhetoric of a few individuals loyal to an individual. It was not an unforeseen circumstance which no one could predict. Rather it is the culmination of years of efforts to denigrate the power of the people to elect their representatives. Incessant cries of voter fraud sans evidence significantly damaged our country. About 50 courts of law (including the Supreme Court) have determined there is no factual basis to overturn the certification of the vote. But the standard bearer of the Republican Party and his enablers insist the election was stolen. They incited an insurrection. Sen. Ted Cruz encouraged the insurrectionists on Jan. 2 calling them patriots. Patriots do not disregard multiple court decisions and the lawful certifications of the 50 United States. Patriots do not destroy the Congress of the United States and defecate in its halls. Even the Republican Attorney Generals encouraged insurrectionists to march on Congress.

No fewer than six Republican lawmakers participated in the mob. One was arrested and charged with a criminal offense. The party professing support for law enforcement actively participated in an event where one officer’s skull was fractured by a fire extinguisher and later died. Another was deliberately crushed in a doorway. While the mob was tearing apart the Congress of the United States and the people’s representatives fled for protection, Sen. Josh Hawley and Cruz, solicited money from the rabble. They even continued to insist without any evidence that the certified votes of the people must be rejected. 

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Ron Green

This will never happen, but I think there should be a requirement for each voter to pass a "Constitution Test" before they can vote in a national election. This would cause potential voters to read ALL of the Articles of the Constitution, instead of only one or two that they might favor.

A few years ago it seemed a large number of people had a copy of U..S. Constitution in their back pockets. Recent events have convinced me that many did not read it. The requirement of passing a test would be applied to all parties and independent voters.

Of course one of the reasons for not implementing this "requirement" is the history of imposed voting requirements, "Prior to the passage of the federal Voting Rights Act in 1965, several southern and western states maintained voter registration procedures whose primary purpose was to deny the vote to Black, Latino, and Native American citizens.

This process, often referred to as a literacy test, was rooted in Jim Crow laws and involved more than a reading examination." Source: BallotPedia

Quincy Adams

This gets it exactly right...


Quote from Bill Kaufman, “In short, the Republican Party bears a great deal of responsibility for the assault. The president elect and law enforcement cannot restore order unless many Republican officials clearly state that Joe Biden won a fair election and any assertions to the contrary are lies. But there are few voices in the party willing to take this essential step to recovery. Unless all Republicans demonstrate that the president lost a fair election, the violence will continue. The Republican Party cannot escape this violence. After all a live bomb was planted outside the Republican Party’s National Headquarters. They were looking for Vice President Mike Pence so they could lynch him. The mob violence appears to be just beginning. The Republican Party must act to end this.”


Until the Republican leaders and Congressmen (a vast majority) who reinforced and repeated Trump’s “Big Lie” comes clean with their constituents, there will be more violence against the United States and more lives senselessly lost.

Polls show there are tens of millions of Trump supporters who are convinced that Trump’s “Big Lies” are true. Simply calling for a peaceful transition and asking to just move on will not reduce the underlying anger, sense of betrayal and hatred that has been incited by self interested politicians. If they are worried about losing their jobs by standing up for the truth, that is simply the price that must be paid to uphold their oath to the Constitution.

After the Capitol siege of last week, the FBI is warning that extremists are now emboldened to carry out more attacks. Those responsible for giving the “Big Lie” credibility can do something about it now. It should be pointed out that further violence against our country will be blood on their hands.

Averting their eyes is no longer an option because this is not going away. There is no mulligan when you lie and betray your country.

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