As I watched the city council proceedings (June 10, 2019) on television I could not believe that the council wants to get involved in what they call “workforce housing.”

This issue, and it is an issue not a crisis as some believe, is best left to the private sector. The laws of supply and demand have served us well for many, many years and the reason they survive is because they work. Local governments have no business getting into affordable housing, which is where we are headed with this. Perhaps a review of Economics 101 is in order.

Ask the mayors of San Francisco and New York City how many of the people who work there actually live there.

Part of the high cost of living in New Braunfels and Comal County stems from the amount of taxes we pay. Look at what the school districts, city and county take from one’s paycheck. If you are a homeowner, you pay it directly. 

If you are a renter you pay the taxes indirectly.

So members of the city council, you as a taxing authority should look at yourselves as part of the problem, not the solution.

Let the forces of the free market work and we will all be fine. May not be 100% perfect but it will be better than anything you can come up with.

 Roman Ybarra Jr.,

New Braunfels


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Stephen Baird

Based on information gathered by our local newspaper, New Braunfels has a lack of affordable housing. My take on this is that the status quo is not addressing this. I encourage our City Council to reach out to Developers/Builders to investigate what could be done that would lead to more affordable housing - smaller lots, smaller homes, duplexes, etc. To shift the subject to discussing taxes doesn't work for me. Stephen Baird, New Braunfels

Mark Miller

Why does New Braunfels need to do any of that? There is a plethora of affordable housing in Guadalupe County. Living in New Braunfels proper isn't a right. If you can't afford it, there are other places to live. Duplexes are ugly, and small lots generally aren't very nice, either.

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