Jack McKinney smugly opines that those who feel term limits are a good idea don’t put a lot of thought into the subject and are “bumper sticker politicians.” 

I wonder how he might have responded to Thomas Jefferson? 

“I proposed the representatives (and not the people) should choose the [State] Senate... To make them independent I had proposed that they should hold their places for nine years and then go out (one third every three years) and be incapable forever of being re-elected to that house. My idea was that if they might be re-elected, they would be casting their eye forward to the period of election (however distant) and be currying favor with the electors and consequently dependent on them. My reason for fixing them in office for a term of years rather than for life was that they might have an idea that they were at a certain period to return into the mass of the people and become the governed instead of the governor, which might still keep alive that regard to the public good that otherwise they might perhaps be induced by their independence to forget.” — Thomas Jefferson to E. Pendleton, 1776.

Donald Titus,

New Braunfels

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Bob Page

Thank you Donald. Jefferson’s vision is exactly what is happening today. Those in office not only have forgotten what being governed feels like they’ve gotten filthy rich in the process.

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