This letter is in response to the column in the Friday, Jan. 29, paper by Steven Roberts. The article was about how President Biden as a Roman Catholic is driven by Pope Francis and his policies. While I am not a Roman Catholic, I am a Christian and I would like to bring some truth to his article. President Biden’s policies on abortion and transgender are totally opposed to the doctrines of his Pope. Pope Francis called “protecting human life a preeminent social and political issue” and transgender “another significant issue.”

On Nov. 22, 2020, Pope Francis wrote a handwritten letter to a group of Argentine women from some of the largest slums in Buenos Aires. His letter was in response to the debate over abortion taking place in Argentina. Pope Francis argued that the issue of abortion “is not primarily a religious matter, but a matter of human ethics, preceding any religious confession. And it is good for us to ask two questions. Is it fair to eliminate a human life to resolve a problem? Is it fair to hire a hitman to resolve a problem?” The Pope also is quoted saying “without life, what other rights are there?” and “It’s the most fundamental right.” He reaffirmed the doctrine of pro-life set forth by Pope John Paul. President Fernandez of Argentina said concerning abortion, “even though he’s a Catholic, he sees abortion a matter of public health, adding that he hoped Pope Francis wouldn’t become angry at him for his push to legalize it.” It is not true that the U.S. President Joe Biden is driven by Pope Francis on the issue of abortion, which the Pope says is the “preeminent issue” today.

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