On Jan. 20, the Herald Zeitung published an editorial written by its Executive Editor, Chris Lykins. I had been on calls with the paper and had provided the paper with written comments. The H-Z even published quotes from my response in a prior edition. 

The executive editor of a “newspaper” decided to write a hit piece because he didn’t like the responses he got to his questions, weaponizing a paper that should report news, not influence readers toward his left leaning bias. 

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Jack McKinney

I think we should stop addressing him as “Biedermann.” “Straw man” seems more appropriate.

Bob Page

I’m not a fan of Biederman and answer questions should not be an issue for the Representative. He should do that. My issue with the editorial is Biederman doesn’t just represent Comal county and when a news paper comes out and chastises it’s readers and the electorate on who they want to represent them is unconscionable. The HZ has not right to suggest that the people who elected their rep are wrong or should be ashamed. It’s these type of writings that continues to fuel the flames of mistrust for so called journalist. Shame on you HZ.


The hypocrisy is amazing! One can suggest that people “peacefully march and let your voices be heard” and one can attend a peaceful protest and the left will attempt to accuse them of inciting an insurrection, (unless it’s Chuck Schumer, who gets a little more excited). Democrats can tell their followers to get in the face of conservatives, disrupt their dinners, that they would like to take them behind the gym and beat them up, or the riots and looting will continue, “and they should”, and the media and fellow democrats give them a pass. Conservatives did not and should not hold Bernie responsible when one of his extremist followers shot and almost killed Steve Scalise.....but somethings just make you say hmmm.. If the democrats and the media want use the cancel culture on those who actually said flagrant things, maybe they should start with Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. If everyone is held to the same standard, maybe we could see some unity. Right now, if the media asked me if I prefer the color red or blue, I would not answer.


Agree 100% that he should answer the question. His failure to do so indicates to me that his answer would be detrimental to his reputation and add question to integrity. Seems pretty simple to me.

Aaron Schoenfeld

Hadn’t read the Jan 20 piece, but felt compelled to go back and do so. This letter is out of line. The January 20 piece was an editorial. It is literally an opinion section. The representative is making dangerous allegations in his letter today of biased “fake news,” where he seems to have a difficult time differentiating between factual news and opinions. That, folks, is the danger in America today. He should not be in a trusted position of leadership. And if he is, he should be willing to answer questions. It’s clear he’s avoiding to those he doesn’t agree with. Shame on him.

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