From recognizing community helpers to helping community organizations do even more good, the last seven days have seen New Braunfelsers pushing to make the city better than ever.


NBU has outgrown its facility on Main Plaza and will soon be pulling up stakes to move. While it would be easy for the utility to just cash the sizable check it’s likely to get for the sale of the property — which will be used to defray the cost of their new facility — instead it’s looking to protect the history and heritage of the site it’s called home since the 1940s.

Historic downtown New Braunfels is a treasure, and the sites around the plaza more so than any other. It’s good to see NBU recognize that fact with moves toward an overlay district to protect the site as well as its desire to see the property return to private ownership, and consequently, the tax rolls. 

There’s no telling what might land in that spot after NBU moves on. Restaurant? Retail? Its proximity to the courthouse makes office space tantalizing — although far less exciting to the public.

Whatever it is, it will be better served operating under constraints that respect the building’s history and what downtown New Braunfels represents.


There are few better ways to start 2020 than with a cross-continental toast — but New Braunfels and Braunfels, Germany kicked off the year with one for the history books as the city starts celebrating its 175th anniversary.

During the toast, Guadalupe Brewing Company staff tapped into a special, locally-brewed, German-style beer that was shared between the cities along with a special simulcast toast. The beer was brewed simultaneously by the Licher Brewery in Braunfels, and included German malt, German hops and yeast, and a touch of German honey. 

It was the first of many events in what will be a packed schedule as the city celebrates its 175th. To see a full schedule visit and find a way that you can celebrate this special year.

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