The New Braunfels’ Buddhist temple will not have to abandon its land and move somewhere else. That’s what a Guadalupe County jury said on Friday in a decision that had people across the area cheering.

Rightfully so.

The thought that people of faith might have to leave behind what they’ve built, property that they’ve had blessed and made sacred, because a neighbor disapproved, strikes at the very heart of what this country stands for.

Critics of the suit have pointed out that if the people involved had been Christian — instead of Buddhists — the case would have never been filed, if for no other reason than the backlash would have been tremendous.

The online backlash that does exist has been enough to demonstrate that people of faith, no matter what that faith may be, often come to the defense of others when aid is needed. And that even those with no religious affiliation don’t like a bully.

Other neighbors around the temple in the small subdivision around Ashby Acres have painted the temple as a place of peace and respect, with people there demonstrating kindess and generosity.

While the temple does have events several times a year, they can’t hold a candle to some of the late-night drunken bashes that regularly populate neighborhoods across New Braunfels.

It seems like the Buddhists were perfect neigbhors. The kind that people would be happy to have right next door. One man didn’t think so, and so the court battle began.

And it might not be over, as the neighbor who brought the suit has indicated he intends to appeal. 

We have faith that the result will be the same.

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