I’ve advocated for women’s rights all my life. As an adult I added working to support all people who strive for a fair and equitable society.

Our democratic-republic promises to treat all fairly and with respect.  It needs work — and many work daily to make it better— but recently one person has been working to kill it.

Donald Trump received less votes than his opponent, yet our outdated Electoral College installed him as president in 2016.  Since taking office he has worked to destroy our nation’s democracy, safety and positive status in the world by ignoring our laws, spouting racist statements, insulting heads of other nations and encouraging The People to accept his word as law.  He ignores our constitution, refuses to abide by our laws and lies daily to citizens, the media and the world.  He must be removed from office.

An individual in an abusive relationship has two choices — to remain in the relationship and be destroyed or to call the law and press charges against the abuser. Then the law will take over, call and hear witnesses, and the judge will pronounce the punishment. When the dangerous person is removed and punished, the victim can rebuild her shattered life and self-esteem and go on to live a productive and happy life!

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines abuse as “to use wrongly,” “to mistreat,” ”to insult, revile, misuse.” It describes abuse as “a corrupt practice,” and using “insulting language.”  To batter is to “to strike with blow after blow“ and “to injure.”

Trump’s actions remind me of a batterer. Our nation is the victim.  He physically, psychologically and  emotionally assaults his victim. The United States of America is the battered partner. She has experienced fearful damage from Trump for three years. We have watched in horror as abuse after abuse has weakened her. In life, the damage to a spouse who remains in a battering relationship is often death.  Are we Americans willing to allow this Abuser to kill our fine nation? We must take action to SAVE our nation and our democracy!

Recently Congress decided it would no longer tolerate damaging treatment, and it began an investigation.  The House of Representatives held hearings which presented sufficient evidence of abuse.  Trump refused to allow some witnesses to testify at and bullied some of those who did.  

The House took a stand.  It voted to impeach the President!

The Senate leader promises to kill the action and allow the abuser to remain in control and continue to operate with impunity!

The American People must speak out and make sure the Abuser is removed from office and punished for his crimes!

Jackie De Hon,

Canyon Lake


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