ent county commissioner Donna Eccleston has a history of unresponsiveness when it comes to representing her Precinct 1 constituents and Comal County citizens. 

During her 11 years on commissioners’ court, countless emails and calls to her have gone unanswered. While she wrote a letter to TCEQ in 2017 requesting a public meeting, when it comes to meaningful actions related to the proposed Vulcan quarry, Eccleston has done nothing. 

She has ignored many invitations from our group to meet and discuss the planned quarry. In 2018, citizens urged Eccleston and her fellow commissioners to postpone a vote on a pointless, do-nothing resolution until it could be revised to effectively support area citizens fighting the quarry. Despite having specific actionable tools and examples of other counties who have led the way, commissioners seemingly ignored their constituents and passed the resolution anyway. By supporting this impotent resolution, Eccleston continued to side with an out-of-state corporation rather than the citizens she was elected to represent.

During the 2019 legislative session, numerous county judges and commissioners from counties like Burnet, Kendall and Victoria traveled to Austin to support good bills to protect the health and safety of their citizens — and our state’s natural resources — from unregulated aggregate mining activities. Sadly, Donna Eccleston was not among them.

In contrast, we are encouraged by Richard Smith’s focus on transparency and accessibility, and his range of experience in areas important to commissioners’ court. As a candidate, he has been open and communicative with our organization. 

Smith shares many of our concerns and appears willing to think outside the box to find and implement real solutions for Comal County.

Lindsay Poisel’s experience includes overseeing environmental impact reports and identifying mortgage-related fraud. 

Poisel has met with our group and is also concerned about our natural resources, holding polluters accountable and protecting the health and safety of Comal County residents.

Precinct 1 deserves a commissioner who listens to citizens, pursues outside-the-box solutions, and takes action. It’s high time for a change at Commissioners’ Court — and Precinct 1 is a great place to start. I am a resident of Precinct 1 and member of Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry. In the Republican primary, we strongly recommend challenger Richard Smith. In the Democratic primary, we support Lindsay Poisel, who is unopposed. 

More information and candidate responses to our questionnaire can be found at www.stop3009vulcanquarry.com/2020primary

Richard Keady,

New Braunfels


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Quincy Adams


It is self defeating to continue supporting this type of crony capitalism. Donna Eccleston needs to be defeated and replaced with someone who represents the actual voters that live in this county. It has been a disgrace watching the deliberate sabotage of facts and evidence in the court system so far.

The TCEQ is another example of the fox guarding the hen house allying with the Vulcan Quarry Corp at the expense of the voters' health and the people who actually live here.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is a brazen sham that doesn't even pretend to live up to their stated purpose.

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