Many local residents are frustrated with the deterioration of family values in recent years.  Make that decades.

This is an invitation to hear Johnathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, speak in New Braunfels on Thursday evening (Jan. 16) at 7 p.m. in conjunction with the National Religious Freedom Day.  The event will happen at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, St. Mary’s Hall, 386 N. Castell.  The free talk is open to the public.

 He will discuss the state of religious liberty in Texas with special focus on recent developments such as the Save Chick-Fil-A Religious Law, SB 1978, and the status of the battle between parents and the Austin ISD over the district’s adoption of a hypersexualized sex education program.

Saenz believes in religious liberty, sanctity of human life, family values and constitutional rights.  He helped lead the State Board of Education battle to prevent censorship in the science classroom and to protect strong social studies and history teaching.  

He has been instrumental in the passage of Texas laws to protect religious liberty, Bible curriculum in public schools, “Under God” in the Texas pledge, the sonogram bill and more.  Saenz, a lawyer, has helped lead efforts to defend attacks on parental rights, marriage, the elected State Board of Education and abstinence sex education in Texas.

He headed the Liberty Institute offices at the state capitol.  He frequently presents research, analysis and testimony before the legislature, State Board of Education and other government entities.

The program is offered by the Catholics For Freedom of Religion ministry of Sts. Peter and Paul Church for all to hear.

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