As the former Chairman of the Comal County Democratic Party I would like to take a moment to comment on Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol by terrorists. Since the founding of our country over 1 million service personnel have given their lives to establish and maintain our country. Yesterday Trump and his allies disgraced that memory. I strongly condemn their actions and it must not be allowed to repeat. There should be many arrests and trials upcoming. Well deserved long sentences should be dealt out. The democratic process must be protected. I notice that any condemnation by local elected officials is sadly missing. Sadly but not unexpected.

Local law enforcement and county and city office holders have shown their support of Trump and Trump Train repeatedly throughout the election cycle. It is time for them to step up or step aside. The people spoke in 2016 and Trump was defeated in popular vote but due to an antiquated system he was given four years to destroy our country. This election he was once again defeated in the popular vote but the same electoral process that put him in office rejected him and he attempted to destroy it. 

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