Frank Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez was born and raised in Cuba, has lived in the U.S. since 1960 and has lived in New Braunfels since 2006.

When Bernie Sanders was running for president the Republicans were salivating at the prospect that he would win the Democratic nomination. 

Had he done so, he would have been buried by the Republican messaging machine in overdrive with the gift of “socialism” offered on a silver platter by Bernie’s own baffling self-branding. 

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Jim Sohan

You hit the nail on the head Frank! Good job! Most people don't want to take the time learn, or relearn, what socialism really is and what the Democratic party really stands for when it comes to programs and positions Republicans call socialist. It's much easier to simply repeat the exaggerated and incorrect Trump/Republican talking points vice researching the facts on their own and getting to the real truth, and then making an informed decision. Again, there's no flavor of the kool-aid they don't like.


Jim, I invite you to research China's current crisis. China is a huge mess. Facts are not talking points.

Jim Sohan

Biden is not advocating a Chinese-type economy or Government; therefore, China’s problems are irrelevant. The real problem is the Trump administration and Republican Party attempting to create fear leading up to the election by grossly misrepresenting Joe Biden’s positions.


Modern China? Are you kidding me? That place is a mess. No human rights, fragile economic conditions, leadership of the CCP moving their fortunes offshore, leadership threatened, an active attempt to return to Moaist agricultural policies, no freedom of speech, a manipulate monetary policy. What part of any part of China is a modern success?

Socialism doesn't "fix" capitalism. On the contrary, socialism discourages efficient use of factors of production (generally to the benefit of the new ruling elites). Capitalism rewards productivity which by extension places checks on bad actors. No doubt there are bad actors in both socialist and capitalist systems, but capitalism has a more efficient and open way of dealing with these bad actors through market forces.

Socialism doesn't address inequality. It just swaps the "1%" for a new cast of characters.

Socialism is neither democracy nor representative democracy. It is in almost every aspect the opposite. Prefixing socialism with "democratic" doesn't fix the problem, Democratic-Socialism is a failed rebrand attempt by the far left to try and make socialism more palatable.

As for guns? Socialism seeks to limit gun ownership in order to control speech. The reason we have the second amendment is to protect our first amendment.

Socialism uses class and race to divide people to retain power.

I do not need a government system dictating to me how I should help others or how I can "best" benefit society. These are my choices which I take seriously. As a lifelong capitalist I've had ample opportunity to help so many individuals and families from my direct efforts, not because I was directed to by my government, but because I had the choice.

As I am not a socialist so I must get back to work, otherwise I would expound these points more thoroughly.

Bob Page

Which rock have you been hiding under. The democrats have done exactly what you deny. They want the complete collapse of the economy and total control. The socialist Democratic Party is a true danger to our land if the free and the home of the brave.

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