Recent events have made me remember some of the lessons learned from Mrs. Smith in my tenth-grade civics class. Although I’m nearly 60 years removed from the tenth grade, those lessons are particularly relevant to our current situation.

Mrs. Smith was very positive about the government of the USA. She impressed upon us our responsibility and right to take part in the government by voting. She emphasized the fact that we, the voters, elected our representatives to act on our behalf. She also told us that, if we didn’t like what was happening, we would have the opportunity and responsibility to make changes by voting.

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Quincy Adams

This is worth repeating from the Original Poster…

“Mrs. Smith would be appalled by what is happening to our democracy today. We just had an election with the highest voter turnout in decades. Voting officials of both major parties at the federal level and in many key states described the election as nearly flawless, free of fraud. The results were further tested in more than 60 court cases. Judges appointed by both parties threw out those challenges. Instead of celebrating the success of our electoral processes, legislatures across the country are now considering more than 250 measures that would make it more difficult to vote.

Those measures range from shortening voting hours to giving the legislature the power to overturn the people’s vote in a presidential election and appoint electors to the Electoral College who would vote for the legislator’s preferred candidate. While we might be happy not to live in Arizona, where the previously described bill is pending, our folks in Austin are trying hard not to be outdone.

Several bills are being considered that would make voting more difficult. All of those bills are not intended to suppress the vote, according to their authors. Rather they are needed to secure the integrity of the electoral system, combat voter fraud, and restore confidence in our elections. All of these would be laudable goals, if we had any documented lack of integrity or voter fraud.”


The Republican Party is no longer pretending to be interested in representing the will of the American people. Instead it is a desperate party in a last ditch effort to do what we have witnessed throughout history. A continual slide towards authoritarian control in order to stay in power.

How is that obvious? If the 2020 election was stolen, as Trump and all his lackey Republican Senators and Representatives have claimed, then why did the same ballots that are tainted and fraudulent have such a sweeping success for Republicans on the ballot for the House of Representatives. The same full ballot as the presidential vote. Why are these newly elected Representatives unwilling to include themselves as winning fraudulently? Not a single one has questioned their own legitimate victory. Evidently their results were legitimate… Trump’s loss was fraudulent.

These are the same elected Republicans that voted overwhelming to overturn the Election Results hours “after” the Trump supported insurrection took place attempting to overthrow our government.

The Insurrection was an obvious incompetent attempt, but what it does show is the mindset of today's Republican Party. Remember this “Vote” for the “Big Lie” took place hours after a failed coup. Who knows where this could eventually lead when you have a Party that is still willing to feed the “Big Lie” to their supporters. Knowing it feeds a treasonous mentality towards our Democracy. De-legitimizing trust in our Democracy is a desperate act for any viable political party.

What cannot be trusted is the Republican Party.

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