Archer, our terrier, is one of the weirdest dogs you’ll meet. First of all, his ancestry is a mix that must include dogs with one ear that sticks up, a tail that curls into a half question mark, an undersized head, long legs, and the ability to complete a 4-foot vertical jump.

Then there are his levels of enthusiasm. He goes from asleep to being a furry supernova of excitement. He will run around the house so fast that he crashes into everything including:

The couch.

The shoe bench.

The bed frame.

The door frame.

Your leg.

The invisible barrier on the floor that will cause him to tumble head over paws.

Crashing doesn’t stop him for more than a second because he lives his life with five exclamation points after every sentence. This is particularly ironic because just the other day I was explaining to a talented intern at our office that she should never write an article with more than three exclamation points. I actually gave her three post it notes, each with an exclamation point written on them to… well, make my point!

Anyway, the weirdest thing about Archer has nothing to do with how he looks or how he has a Crash Gordon approach to life. It has to do with his favorite food.

Archer has been hard to please when it comes to treats. He’s fine with his dog food, but he doesn’t want anything to do with any of the fancy/pricey treats I’ve bought him. He is unimpressed with anything to the point that when I’m working on a trick with him, I’ve resorted to an occasional piece of cat food. 

Then, by accident, I found a very surprising treat that he loves. 

Recently I bought a spiralizer, which if you have managed to get through life this long without one, let me tell you it is TIME. Since carbs have become something I’ve unfortunately had to treat like the enemy and since I’m part Italian and therefore culturally required to have some sort of pasta dish once a week, I began to explore alternatives. This led me to zucchini spirals. Honestly, I was skeptical about their worthiness as substitutes, but thanks to the spiralizing folks at HEB, I learned they are pretty good when combined with mozzarella. So I started spiralizing my own zucchini. 

When spiralizing with the gizmo I got, you end up with this leftover thin rod of zucchini. Archer hung out in the kitchen, watching the entire process with great interest. I shook my head at him. “Dude, this not anything you want. Let me prove it to you,” I said, tossing him a broken bit of the leftover zucchini. He snapped it out of the air and he lit up. He immediately ran through his entire trick repertoire in hopes of another piece. Thinking it was a fluke, I tossed him another piece. He jumped in the air, his eyes sparkling with hope that more was to come.

When I mentioned to my husband, Adam, that our dog liked zucchini, he sighed. “Great. He’s an Austin dog.” 

“Next he’ll only drink artisanal water,” my daughter chimed in.

I looked at our crazy dog, the one that refuses to eat all the expensive treats we had bought him and thought, well, at least it’s not organic zucchini.

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