Readers, we’re asking for your help.

Since the month of March, The Herald-Zeitung has launched a monthly Sunday Series which tackles a different topic or issue.

The newspaper has explored the cause and problems that come with the shortage of affordable housing for the workforce. 

In April the paper looked at the vast web of transportation infrastructure that connects New Braunfels and Comal County, how it’s paid for and what will be needed in the decades ahead as population growth shows no signs of slowing.

In May, the H-Z took a look at the generational makeup of the community, how it’s shifted over the years, and what that shift might mean for New Braunfels in the years ahead. 

In June, Sara Samora, a Marine veteran, is writing about post traumatic stress disorder — what causes it, what problems come with it, what resources are available for those who suffer from it and the toll it can take on those close to them.

Each of these series have received great reader response, including letters to the editors and guest columns. 

One of the ways in which readers can contribute to this process is by letting us know what topics they would like the paper to explore in the future.

We’ve got solid ideas through the rest of the summer, but beyond that we’re looking for more suggestions. 

Do you want to know more about the adoption process and how it works? Do you want to read about what life in prison is like for women? Do you want to learn about how teachers are trained and the challenges they face?

Send your suggestions to with the subject line: Sunday Series.

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