It’s hard to pick a crisis with so many of them going on, so this week we’ll talk about an issue that has a sense of immediacy for us here in Texas: immigration. I’ve covered this before but in the present day we are seeing some new angles that can be explored.

I think the best place to start is on the other side of the border and look at how Mexico’s government and economy are set up. Government-wise you are looking at 32 states and a federal district in Mexico City. It’s kind of like our system but the regional governments have historically had a lot more autonomy than our states here in America. The best comparison I can make is to liken Mexico’s system to the pre-Civil War United States. Sure, we can send whoever we want to Mexico City to discuss policy and try to coordinate our efforts on issues of mutual interest, but the regional governments are where the rubber hits the road.

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Nice try but we all know the immigration problem was getting better in the last four years, despite the democrats fighting all the while. The Biden administration has created this humanitarian disaster in the short time since he was installed. These poor people are being used and abused as political pawns. VP Harris negotiating with the Mexican governors is like dealing directly with the drug cartels. But I’m pretty sure her negotiating skills with the cartel will be at least as good as Obama’s skills negotiating with Iran. The cartel is probably looking forward to receiving their billions of US tax dollars delivered in unmarked bills as part of Biden’s “infrastructure” bill. I think Hunter Biden would be better at negotiating the deal with the Cartel, since he may already have a relationship with them.

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