The Bipartisan Background Checks Bill, HB 8, passed the House of Representatives, has moved to the Senate and has been put on the Senate’s Legislative Calendar as HR 8. This bill requires anyone who wishes to transfer gun ownership through private channels must work through a licensed gun dealer, gun importer or gun manufacturer who will temporarily take possession of the firearm and do a full background check. The requirement does not apply to transfers between family members and relatives. The bill specifically forbids creation of a national gun registry. 

Although polls show that 80% to 94% of Americans favor universal background checks (closing the loopholes), the NRA, not surprisingly, opposes HR 8. Their position is that, if HR 8 becomes law, it will not usually prevent any crime or loss of life. The NRA states that this is part of a grand plot to ultimately take guns away from everyone except the wealthy elites in our country. 

To me, to oppose having the checks apply to all gun transfers or sales (except those between family members) makes no sense. If a person is against this, this suggests that they want the current system of background checks to go away also. 

On the vote in the House of Representatives, a few Republicans crossed over and voted for the bill. Rep. Hurd from San Antonio voted yes but our local representative, Chip Roy, voted no, going along with the mostly partisan vote. I hope supporters of this bill will remember this in 2020 when they cast their votes. 

If you support this bill, please call our Senators to express your wish. Senator Cornyn: 202-224-2934; Senator Cruz: 202-224-5922. 

Stephen Baird,

New Braunfels


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Shirley Fraser

[thumbup] Thank you, Mr. Baird, for this information. It is such a small change to the gun ownership process - I cannot fathom why there is opposition to it. I feel like the NRA is really reaching to find justification to defeat it. People in our subdivision sell guns to each other sometimes. Maybe they are friends but more likely they are only acquaintances. What harm can there be in making sure the gun is going to a "safe" new owner?

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