We might have hoped that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing would give us an opportunity as a nation to pause from our daily political strife and squabbling and show respect for the life and career of a woman, a legal scholar, and a jurist who worked tirelessly throughout her career to protect our rights and advance the causes of women. But we should have known better, and while Justice Ginsburg’s body was still warm our President and his minions began discussing plans to find her replacement.

The hypocrisy angle of this story – given what happened in 2016 after Antonin Scalia’s death – is so obvious and blatant that it need not be repeated here. However, there are some real short and long term effects that must be considered by anyone seeking to make political gain from Ginsburg’s death. 

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Bob Page

10,000 comedians out of work and we’re stuck with ole Jack. The Russian roulette game is played only by the socialist Democratic Party which I’m sure you are a card carrying member. All they’ve done is make threats to destroy, loot and burn it down if you don’t get your way. So, here’s how we play tackle football. We won’t stop playing the game until the time has expired. And quests what Jack even your very own Ruth said there’s no rule in the play book that said we can’t keep running plays up till the very end. If you were home team you know darn well you would do the same. Stop with your whining. We are going to finish this game only when the clock runs out.

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