In response to Mike Cox’s guest view on June 13,  Mr. Cox is bad-mouthing all forms of gun control to support his own self interests as a Rifle Association lobbyist. 

He’s asserting that Mr. Bloomberg will manage to assemble authorities to come into each of our homes to confiscate all weapons. What utter nonsense and what a way to fear monger and attempt to get all of us to rebel against common sense gun management. 

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Bob Page...there has been absolutely no evidence to support your accusation. When the government finally passed laws that all licensed gun dealers must do background checks on people wishing to purchase their guns....the government nor any other institution hasn't come banging on your door demanding your guns. You just offer scare tactics without any evidence to thwart reasonable gun laws that might make this country a little more safe.

Stephen Baird

We currently require background checks for gun sales where the gun is sold by a licensed gun dealer. All seem to be good with that. It follows that it makes no sense to not extend this to private gun sales within and outside of gun shows.

Red Flag laws protect people whose mental state might lead them to shoot themselves or others. To disarm such a person, court filings must be made so that the process is transparent.

Mr. Page's remark is right out of the NRA leadership playbook. Use fear tactics to prevent needed change.

Bob Page

Once you let the fox into the chicken coup and it tastes blood it wants more. That’s the issue here. You allow the liberal politician to change your constitutional rights they want more. Will you guarantee there will be no mission creep? I think I know the answer to that.

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