Chaos reigns. Peaceful protests devolve into riots, death and destruction. Anarchists demolish monuments to heroes and villains alike. Churches and religious icons are burned and vandalized. Religious worship is banned. Lawless mobs create “autonomous zones.” Shootings escalate and innocent children are killed. Politicians hamstring, demoralize and defund police. 

America and the American way of life are clearly under assault. Make no mistake, we are engaged in a cultural, ideological and spiritual war for the soul of our nation and the future of our children and grandchildren.

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Quincy Adams

Donald Trump is the modern day Pied Piper leading a devoted and gullible cult at this point. They are beyond reachable with facts or reason and I doubt they will ever escape their delusional darkness of fear and hate. This Letter To the Editor is Exhibit A.

Fortunately they make up a minority of our country. Unfortunately it is a large enough minority to continue obstructing needed progress long after Trump is gone.

It may take a generation to dig ourselves out of this hole and turn things around, but as the younger people grow into power and the older Trumpsters fade away it will improve. The bigger question is how long our democracy can withstand the assault.

My synopsis of Volz's letter.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Jim Sohan

It bears repeating again and again, the greatest threat to this Country and democracy is Donald Trump and those who blindly support him regardless of what he does or how outrageous and unacceptable his behavior becomes. We are living in Donald Trump’s America. The violence, the rise of White Supremacy, the breakdown of our democratic institutions, etc., have all occurred on Donald Trump’s watch. Voting him out of office in November is what will save this Country and democracy.

Ron Green

Thank you Jim for your rational reply to the rant that preceded your post. The breakdown of our democratic institutions due to Trump's bizarre decisions and his fondness for his fans in white supremacy groups are major concerns that should alarm any citizen.

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