I am always amazed at people who say immigrants should come here legally. If they had the time and opportunity to come here legally, I’m sure they would. They don’t and their lives and the lives of their children are at stake. You would do the same if it was your family and you had no other means of escape.

There is no reason to separate children from their families. This is cruel. Jesus said, “as you treat the least of these, you treat me.” So you would lock Jesus in a cage if he tried to come here illegally?

My forebears were here before the revolutionary war. Did they come here legally? Of course not. The King had claimed land for England and gave permission but the native Americans did not. We stole their land and killed many of them. Unless you’re 100% American Indian, you probably came here illegally, too.

Even if you do not claim to be a Christian, a decent, humane person should have sympathy for these people.

Vivian Furlow,

New Braunfels

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Shirley Fraser

This is very well said. Thank you.

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