The agenda of the Democratic party and other left leaning partisans, as represented by Nancy Pelosi, demanding that statues displayed in the Halls of Congress be removed.  The removal of similar statues is happening in many cities and universities.  

Nancy Pelosi and others point out that these statues are offensive because they remind us of the Civil War South and the atrocities of that time.  

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Are you suggesting that it's impossible to "change" stances/opinions? Today's republican party is not the same as Eisenhower's party...just like today's democratic party isn't the same as Lincoln's presidency.

Are you suggesting that you're opinions and ideas are the same as they were 50 years ago?

Stephen Baird

Hi Paul,

I'm not implying that opinions don't change. However, in this case, across the board, the platform of the Republican Party today is grossly different in almost all aspects from the platform of 1955. In 1955, the two parties were in sync with most of their values.

Richard Johnson

It is not the "democratic" party, it is the Democrat party. This name implies that they are democratic, they are not, and never have been. I do believe some media maven made this "ic" addition to lure unsuspecting folks to their Democrat party.

Stephen Baird

If you go back and look at the Republican Party Platform in 1955, Eisenhower's bid for a 2nd term, you will discover that it looks exactly like what the Democrats are asking for today. The Republican Party today is all about 'I've got mine and that all that matters.' Maybe you don't subscribe to that but you are saying that all Democrats think the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I do agree with the Republican platform of 1955. Check it out, if you dare.

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