As I pondered the thoughts of not having my beloved T.J.’s Hamburgers anymore as I listened to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talking to two African-American males telecasting their radio show, she said “Do we really need to eat hamburgers two and three times daily?” 

Well, I guess she never has eaten Texas food, poor dear! As now she wants to get rid of “flatulent cows” — does she understand that flatulent cows do more than give us hamburgers? 

This girl needs to sit down, shut up and learn something before she speaks. Right now, she wants everyone — and I mean everyone — to follow her right over a very high cliff.

Cows produce milk, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, kefir and not to mention all the meat products. I like all those things. I eat most of those things daily and I believe many of us do. I personally do not intend to become a vegetarian or a vegan, thank you very much! Plus, many farmers and ranchers produce these and would be very ticked off to lose their livelihood. Don’t blame them a bit!

Let’s not forget the leather that their hides produce — belts, shoes, purses, clothes, saddles, bridles and I may have missed a lot more. Where will that come from if not from cows/cattle. Remember she is a city girl and doesn’t know the difference between cows, steers, bulls and cattle.

Someone needs to get that girl out of New York City.

Without leather to make those, what are we going to make shoes, belts, purses, and the like out of? Well, not plastic. Because remember she doesn’t want any gas or oil products. Well plastic comes from oil products, so plastic is now out. So, the next thing is wood! How about everyone wearing wooden shoes? I don’t think that this woman has thought about this program beyond her nose.

This is not the “The New Deal” and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you are not Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also, Alexandria you are not the boss, president Donald Trump is and praise God he is, and you are not!

Suzan Casey,

New Braunfels


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