There appears to be a lot of fear amongst some American religious people. 

Some of these people assume all Muslims are terrorists. 

Some of these people are fearful of atheists, Buddhists, and other belief systems about which they know little. 

A lot of people in this country have become so paranoid concerning any religion which isn’t theirs that they have become the religious extremists that the rest of us should be afraid of. 

Any group of people that insists that its belief system is the only way contributes to a dangerous environment. 

These groups seem to have forgotten about the freedom of religion that is part of our constitution. “Freedom” means being able to practice one’s religion, or lack of religion, without interference from others with different belief systems. And now this extremism is being extended to our health care. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services formally issued the Trump administration’s new Denial of Care Rule. This rule invites any health care worker to deny medical treatment and services to patients because of personal religious or moral beliefs. 

This is another form of religious extremism that will be challenged in the courts. What kind of a country is the United States becoming if we only take care of those whose beliefs don’t contradict our own? This is not making America great again.

Janet Hartnell-Williams,

New Braunfels

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Rodger Johnson

I believe you are misunderstanding the intent of the rule. This rule does not deny services to anyone, it means that if an individual does not agree with what they are ask to do, they can refuse. The person wanting the service can find someone that has no objection to preforming the service. It is similar to the bakers that refused to bake a cake for an event that goes against their belief system. Perhaps in like comparison, not requiring a muslim cater to serve pork. This seems like a reasonable thing to support and provides a freedom for someone with a strong belief system.

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