Don Volz and others need to stop with the false choices and false narratives. You can love our country, support our Constitution and the civil liberties it guarantees, believe in financial freedom, be a Christian, and NOT vote for Donald Trump. 

You can be a Republican, and NOT vote for Donald Trump. 

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Rita Wittwer

In my years as a voter, my choice was never about the individual but what position that person stood on various issues. This election is different. Donald Trump has no clear positions on any issues. He throws up spaghetti to see what will stick to the wall. Trump has no platform. One minute he’s for something, and the next he’s not. I have never seen a candidate who’s only concern is his ratings and his ego. His only major test since being elected president was the coronavirus. He failed that test miserably and we’re all paying for it. Far too many people have died unnecessarily from this virus because he wouldn’t believe the scientists and he made it a political issue rather than what it was, a health issue. Children are being forced to go back to school without any safety procedures in place putting teachers and students and families at risk. I won’t even bother with the irresponsible actions of his own Covid infection. He has managed to divide this country in ways never seen before. White supremacists have a supporter in the White House. He has destroyed environmental protections, allowing major pesticides to be used that infiltrate our land, reduced protections for the air we breathe and the water we drink. He passed a tax cut that provided more wealth to the already wealthy and barely helped the middle class and working class. He started a trade war with China that didn’t hurt China. It hurt us. Now we have the largest trade deficit in our history. None of this makes any sense, but when the only person you think about is yourself and how to bolster your ego, I guess it’s not a surprise. To be a good president, you actually have to understand what you’re doing and clearly he doesn’t. No respectable Republican would do half the things that he has done to this country.

Ron Green

Re: Tribes

The following was posted by an acquaintance in another state: "At this point, you are either with Trump or against America I'm with Trump." Equally ridiculous assessments from the left are easily found. The tendency to generalize or characterize people as having less than patriotic reasons for their their political choices is not only inaccurate; it is intellectually dishonest.

Like many of the other readers, I spent a significant amount of time in the military (25 years active duty in the Army). It was my experience and observation that soldiers have varied political views; in other words, not all of them are Republican or conservative. The same is true of law enforcement officers and firefighters. Are they un-American because they don't share the political views of some others? To think they are un-American on that basis is preposterous.

I intend to vote for the person I think will be best for our country. I have always been an Independent so the tribe that claims him (or her) has no bearing on my choice.


"Socialism" is not a dirty word; it is derived from "society", the cooperative union of all to assure peace and well-being for all. Consider everyday forms of voluntary financial cooperation: subscriptions to newspapers (H-Z!) and magazines; paid membership in hobby groups like golf; private, pay-as-you-go insurance for house, car, travel and health.

The next level is government taxation to pay for public benefits: schools, roads and bridges (how many times did you cross the Guadalupe this week?); health standards for clean food; the Defense Department. What is the real philosophy behind objections to health insurance for all Americans coupled with patriotic fervor for the tax-supported military?

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