And so our freedom goes, not with a challenge but with a whimper. Tuesday’s letters to the editors illustrates the growth of censorship in our country.  “speech ..... that can’t be allowed.” Those words are so sadly objectionable and short sighted, yet I defend the right to say them. I can’t help but note that many have bought into liberal hate speech without a hint of care or caution.  

How are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her Dystopian troupe, or the Liberal political machine not being held to account for attacks on ICE? People, buying in to Trump Delusion Syndrome and Conservative shaming, are either willfully ignorant or calculatingly partisan. Taking the words of President Trump out of context and blithely accepting media-parsed sound bytes is lazy and dishonest. The Democratic machine can’t afford to accept that his words reflect a sincere desire to make our country safe, secure, and economically sound. It doesn’t play to their twisted rhetoric of hate, divisiveness, and panic over the 2020 election.

People rant about conditions at our borders for gatecrashers while our own citizens are camped in squalor on the streets of major cities. Democratic politicians, with the knowing cooperation of Media, continue to pull a bait and switch, diverting our attention toward the border and away from failures in their home districts. These hacks could turn President Trump’s saying “good morning” into a dog whistle.  

Trump’s administration has been continually hamstrung by liberal courts as he tried again and again to force the issue of tattered and ineffectual immigration and sanctuary policies to where it belongs, Congress. There isn’t space here to recount the waste of taxpayer dollars going down the rabbit hole of “illegal” immigration. There is a marked difference between lawful and illegal immigration. What’s at stake is not legitimate immigration but a battle between anarchy and the law.

“Meeting’s cancellation.” The writer correctly pointed out proliferation of censorship when opposition is allowed to “shut down any debate .... in endless name-calling.” Shame on those who allowed their right to free assembly and to free speech to be browbeaten by internet trolls. Let these muckraking yokels swelter under the Texas sun, baying like mindless curs at the cat tiptoeing across a fence. A bully in straining yoga pants is still a bully and though this wasn’t much of a win, in a war of incremental attrition, it’s still a loss for First Amendment rights.

Mark Whittaker,

Canyon Lake


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Stephen Baird

The Democratic Women of Comal County clearly said they would be at the event location to protest if the event were not cancelled. Sorry, Mr. Whittaker, but that's the way democracy works and that's freedom of speech. That would never have been any violence. Have you forgotten all of the Tea Party protests when the Affordable Care Act was being discussed in Congress?

And it was cowardly for the sponsors of the speaker and event to go ahead and have it anyway, secretly, at a different location.

Jack McKinney

Just as a point of information, the BAR-W meeting did actually take place.

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