The Jan. 16-17 issue of the Herald-Zeitung quotes Sue Gafford Piner, Comal County Republican chair, asserting that Joe Biden was elected president as a result of massive voter fraud. She also claims that the Jan. 6 “Capitol riot was ‘staged’ by liberals trying to make Trump and his supporters look bad.” She added that “It couldn’t have been anything the Trump supporters did. Anytime we’ve had any kind of event at the Capitol we never left any trash.” 

I wonder if Piner spends much time time trying to determine what is true and what is not true. 

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Richard Johnson

So, I don't buy that her assertions are absolute truth. I do believe that there were enough irregularities and violations of some State's constitution regarding mail in ballots and time limits that could have affected the outcome of the election. Frankly, I am very disappointed in the Court systems failure to actually hear the evidence and make a decision, in lieu of side stepping based upon "technical" filing status. Then, the complete shutdown of any avenue to examine that evidence in any legal forum.

I also, have very great concerns with the absolute shutdown of any discussion by saying anyone that believes my way or believes the absolute steal version as seditionist. The concept of saying that is restricting free political speech. We are not at war, and are not in rebellion. There was a riot at the Capital, not an "insurrection", although with the push that the democrats are doing, it may evolve into one. Talk about reeducation camps, charging anyone that voted for Trump as a racist and a terrorist will do exactly that.

Myra Lovelace

I think we all need to understand that we have greater enemies that are fanning the flames of hatred and division amongst us in this country. They are loving it and cheering us on.

Sure, there were certainly irregularities in our voting system, nothing is perfect, especially during a global pandemic. We need to fix that. But not by 7 million votes.

We ARE a nation of immigrants, but in 2021 the immigrants aren’t coming from white European countries, they are different. We should embrace the riches each culture brings to this great experiment our founding fathers constructed. We may be barely standing but we’re still standing.

Talk about Republicans having manners and don’t trash places they have demonstrated are the words of a limited thinker. Come on.

Jim Sohan

Richard: I invite you and others to take the time to read the transcripts from the various court proceedings. The lack of preparedness on Donald Trump’s lawyers part is truly amazing. They weren’t denied the opportunity to present evidence, they had no evidence to present. You’ll see (read) that judge after judge, on numerous occasions, asked for their evidence, but none was presented. The exchanges are almost comical at times. In more than one case, Trump’s lawyers argument was basically we don’t have any proof, yet, but the only way Trump could have lost was through massive fraud; therefore, the election needs to be overturned. One judge’s response was something along the lines of alleging fraud does not make it so, you have to provide proof of fraud. This country going to continue to struggle with moving forward as long as there is a large segment of the population who continue to believe the election was stolen, even though the evidence, or lack of evidence in the case of Trump’s lawsuits, says otherwise.

Stephen Baird

Thank you, Jim Sohan!!

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