I was just reading an article about Trump and his visit to El Paso. He promised to get with Congress and pass legislation to curb mass shootings. The legislation would flag people with mental issues preventing them from buying guns. With the expanded power of computers to identify people and their actions, like posting on social media sites, this is doable. This all sounds good and sensible but misses the root cause of the problem; the influence of sin and evil in our world.

At some point in the life of these shooters there is probably someone who could have reached out to someone lost. Usually the shooters are lonely males, easily lead astray by our violent movie and game culture. Imagine if someone had reached out and connected to Hitler with the good news of the Gospel. Would he have been different? The solution is from God not from man.

So how is this implemented? Love your neighbor as yourself! Reach out to a stranger, a troubled neighbor, a coworker, or acquaintance. Listen to them and become a trusted friend. Engage others becoming a missionary to those around you. 

Greg Finke has written a great, small, simple book, “Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary,” which gives you a step recipe for this. First seek the Kingdom, get guidance from Jesus, talk with neighbors, do good works and pray simple prayers for others. He sees Jesus already working all around us, in those who need a friend, someone to talk to about their problems. This is King working in his kingdom; all you need to do is help Him and follow Jesus to bring them to the peace of being a Christian. We all want the fruits of the spirit — love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Most do not know how to get these. We Christians need to show them!

Let your light shine and address the real problem, loneliness, isolation and the influence of evil on those distressed. Change the world becoming an everyday missionary.

David Warmke,

New Braunfels

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