I really wish I were writing you with good news but honestly, I am not. I am a member of the NBHS class of 1999, Texas State University (née SWT) class of 2003, and even a former Schlitterbahn employee of five years. My parents and sister still reside there and in normal times I visit a few times a year and look forward to seeing the amazing growth of the city since I left. It is with utmost disappointment that I can’t say that any social progress has accompanied that growth. While the tax base and population may have grown, New Braunfels’ image has certainly regressed. Hopefully not irreparably so.

Having moved to the Midwest and now the Mid Atlantic, I always eagerly share stories about the natural and human beauty of the Hill Country and my hometown with friends I’ve met in both places. I have news alerts enabled about New Braunfels so that I can keep up with local events and keep up with the place most of my family still resides in. I hope you can imagine and share in my abject horror and disgust with the events of Oct. 30 when my phone told me there was news to read coming out of my hometown.

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Maybe your friends should visit Chicago, LA, Milwaukee, Seattle, Portland, or any of the other democrat run cities where riots, looting, and murders are rampantly occuring before condemning New Braunfels. There is a reason people are leaving the aforementioned cities and making Comal County one of the fastest growing counties in the country! We love low taxes, low unemployment, low crime rates, less government intervention, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, ethnic diversity, state pride, national pride, and the great men and women in our police departments and military. If you don't agree, sorry!

Jim Sohan

Once again, facts are very useful for determining and understanding the truth, and more importantly coming to conclusions. From 1st to 10th, US News and World Report ranks the following cities as the top-10 US cities to live in: Boulder CO, Denver CO, Austin TX, Colorado Springs CO, Fort Collins CO, Charlotte NC, Des Moines IA, Fayetteville AR, Portland OR, and San Francisco CA. Seven of these are “Democrat run” cities. The main exception being Colorado Springs, which has a Republican Mayor and leans Republican. Fort Collins and Fayetteville have non-aligned Mayors, but the City Councils and cities in general lean Democratic. So, not sure your implying Democratic run cities are a bad place to live is true!

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