Saturday will mark the 20th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history. 

It was a day when airliners — a symbol of freedom, escape and getting away from it all — became weapons of a war we weren’t even fighting yet.

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Richard Johnson

I was working in my computer control room at that time. When I heard the report of the first aircraft tower hit. I turned on the TV for the visual report. (It was a traffic control room, and TV's were a part of the monitoring in emergency situations.) I recalled the plane that ran into the Empire State Building back in 1945. Thinking it was a bad accident, but then I watched in horror when the second jet intentionally crashed into the second tower. My response was immediate, and it was "We are under attack." (expletive deleted). I was on the opposite side of the Country. My wife was a consultant and was out of town , but normally needed to travel by air. So she had to come home by car. I remember wanting to know who do we drop a nuclear weapon upon. I would have accepted that response, I was so livid.

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