Perhaps Mr. York needs to review the release of the Mueller Report concerning Russia’s interference with the 2016 election and his statements afterward. Yes, the Report did not find Trump guilty of collusion with Russia but it did not find him innocent either. A point pro Trumpers like to ignore. When Mr. Mueller was questioned why he had neither convicted or acquitted Trump, his explanation was that it was his job to investigate. Not to conduct a trial. He left that to the appropriate authorities to do. Why the ball was dropped at this point, I have never heard an explanation. For me, this issue remains open as well as the Ukraine investigation. Ambassador to the European Union Sonderman and Expert on Ukraine Lt. Col. Vindman both testified funds were withheld from Ukraine but neither could tie this delay directly to Trump. That leads me to several questions. 

1. If Trump is innocent, why does he withhold documents and witnesses from the investigation? Doesn’t he want the truth? 

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Jim Sohan

My new campaign slogan is “Don’t be a Parakeet — Vote for Biden!” Simply repeating right wing talking points, tweets or Facebook posts doesn’t make them fact. Just because it comes from Fox News, Breitbart or some other right wing information source doesn’t make it true anymore than if it came from CNN, MSNBC, or The Washington Post. If people did their own, unbiased research and actually took a look at the source documents that these talking points, tweets and posts are based on it would be pretty clear their is no deep state trying to bring Donald Trump down, there was no Left Wing Conspiracy to prevent his election or remove him from office, etc., etc.! Donald Trump’s incompetence, misogyny, racism, lies, basic disorganization and inability to lead are the real cause of his problems, not the imaginary deep state, Democratic party or CNN. It’s time for people to start using their head for more than a hat rack.

Bob Page

He Theresa I hope you read all the documents recently releases on this horrific set up by Clinton-Obama to take a president down. And tell Me your fine with it. And follow your own logic what you read in the news doesn’t make it true. The media is terribly bias and you can’t deny that b

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