A thousand kudos to Robert Nohrn for an outstanding letter on July 4 “What about the straight, white men?”

He put into words what so many of us Baby Boomers are feeling about our society in general. 

Political correctness has become so ridiculous that it’s hard to exercise our right of free speech without risk of condemnation. 

I fear for my grandchildren and the generations to come. What has happened to America?

Nita Martin,

Canyon Lake


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Martha Mendez

What is your definition of “political correctness”? And what particular instance(s) of “political correctness” do you oppose? Isn’t being "politically correct" mostly about being kind and civil?


No, ma'am. Political correctness is about silencing anyone who does not toe the progressive (Socialist) line. There is nothing kind or civil about it. Just look at the invective thrown at anyone who does not pander to whatever "victim" group is shrieking the loudest that particular day, or who questions any proposed legislation that will make someone more special than the rest of us. It's beyond ridiculous -- it's outright hateful.

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