Thanks to Mr. Gerhardt for his poignant letter of Feb. 13, “Where does it stop?” regarding “business owners self-righteously telling us who we can and cannot buy from.” The infuriation I felt when I learned that H-E-B, Kohls, Wayfair and Bed, Bath & Beyond had pulled their My Pillow products from their shelves simply because of the CEO’s political opinions was more than I could bear without taking action. I immediately drove to Kohls with their charge card in hand, asked to see the manager, then cut my charge card in two, carefully explaining my reason, saying they would never see me in their store again. I then called the Kohl’s Executive Offices and let them know what I had done and why. By pulling the My Pillow product, they not only dashed a person’s free speech, but also took away OUR freedom of choice. It’s crucial that we little guys respectfully make our opinions known when corporate giants stomp on our freedoms.  Like Mr. Gerhardt, I am most flabbergasted with H-E-B’s decision, especially since they are a Texas company, one I never dreamed would take this stance. At least they allowed Goya products to remain on their shelves last year when that CEO spoke out! We must guard our precious freedoms or they will be taken from us.

Cathy Talcott,

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Jim Sohan

Kudos to HEB, Kohls, and others for pulling My Pillow products from their shelves. We all must do our part to stamp out the falsehoods and conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election. Large and small organizations alike, as well as individuals, must do whatever they can to make it clear this assault on our Democratic principles is not acceptable. These falsehoods and conspiracy theories are being used to “justify” voter suppression efforts, while providing validation to White Supremacists and other extremists. If My Pillow and other companies don’t want their products pulled or boycotted, they need to stop supporting and contributing to the lies. Facts are facts, and the election was not stolen. More and more evidence that the election was free and fair comes forth daily.


Dittos Cathy! My exact sentiments! And your not the one “drinking the kool-aid”!

Jack McKinney

Maybe they were just really crappy pillows...

Jim Sohan

Wow! Whatever flavor of kool-aid you all are drinking, must be really, really good!

Geary Hughes

Here's the link to the main article referenced in my previous post.

"List of liberal, progressive companies that you should boycott"

Geary Hughes

Well said, Cathy.

In the past, I've been against boycotts but those days are over. For me, it's my duty to do whatever I need to do to fight the left-wing zealots that are trying to dismantle America. "Cancel Culture" is their latest excuse for pushing anti-American activities.

Granted, if we don't work together, which is something the left does well, we lose. Unfortunately, we've become so dependent on corporations ("private companies") that have bought into Marxist ideologies and other left-wing agendas and we depend upon them for food, clothing, and information. We even fell into the trap of depending upon to communicate with others.

[Please consider using Pocketnet.]

Here's a good article and a list, which does a decent job laying out a basic plan for action.

What can you do to resist (where applicable)?

1) Sell any individual stock that you may own in these left-wing companies, or if you continue to hold shares, at least vote against all leftist board members and spread the word on social media to other shareholders.

2) Call and email them to let them know that you do not support their left-wing agendas! Hound them to support good causes such as the American Center for Law and Justice, Gun Owners of America, the NRA, the Heritage Foundation, the RNC, and to advertise on and support the good media outlets.

3) Look the other way if you see one of their stores being looted and destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA -- Don't call the police! Many of these hypocritical companies are complicit in furthering the defund-the-police narrative. In most states, mere failure to report a crime isn't a crime in itself. However, there are some exceptions.

4) Support other companies instead, smaller ones in particular. If a company is not mentioned on this page, then you can assume that generally they are apolitical and thus can be supported. IMPORTANT: When faced with a choice of companies that are all on this list (for example, major credit card companies), pick the one that you find least offensive. Also, keep in mind that there are ways to partially boycott a company. Examples: Do not buy food, drinks or NFL attire if you attend NFL games. Sneak your own food and drinks onto flights with airlines on this list. Buy personal care items from good online retailers instead of our boycotted grocery stores. Use open source software instead of Microsoft software. Feel free to liberally demand refunds, discounts, and return of products bought from these left-wing companies.

5) Consider the content on this page as public domain. On your own website, blog or social media page, please do the following 1) Copy and repost this list, 2) Or post a link to this page, 3) Or post a link to these older archived pages (in case this page is ever down). Just keep in mind that this page is constantly being updated, usually on a daily basis. Sometimes companies flip on us, as was the case with L.L. Bean and Goya Foods. Follow us on Minds or Gab to track updates.

6) Let us know if we're missing a company that deserves to be on this evergrowing list and why. Provide article links if possible.

7) "Cut the cable" or at least scale back your cable TV package. Stop supporting left-wing propaganda networks like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, TBS, Comedy Central, ESPN, etc.

8) Join the movement away from Big Tech. Support alt-tech news, social media and browser.


Merely cutting up the card isn't sufficient. You also have to formally cancel the account, or it will remain open.

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