I believe the individuals elected to the Congress of the United States first swear to represent and protect the people of his/her state. Texas came very close to turning blue. Unfortunately Senator Ted Cruz has turned Donald J. Trump bright red. My friends with whom I have had an opportunity to discuss the current electorial situation find there is great relief to not face another four years with Trump as President. Trump has caused unlimited harm to the USA in foreign countries and at home. We weep for the children and parents who were separated and for the babies in cages. We cry for the loss of so many lives to the corona-19 virus — especially while our President hits golf balls. We are disturbed that President Trump pardoned Blackwater outlaws who shot 17 innocent Iraquis including one 7-year-old boy. Mr Tump never did seem to understand what the responsibilities of the President are. It did not include failure to warn the people of a fatal virus arriving from Europe. It did not include failure to lead citizens in virus task force recomendations for mitigation. He caused untold numbers of COVID-19 deaths that didn’t have to be. It did not include spending months whining about losing. Tump once called Cruz a liar, his wife as ugly, and his father involved in the assination of JFK. On the other hand Cruz called Trump a liar and a con man. With this history, I suggest Cruz have a psychological exam regarding his decision to challenge the Electoral College. Does he honestly believe that there was fraud in any state, much less ones Biden won handily. Citizens — Please remember this the next time Cruz wants Texans to vote for him.

Kathryn Walker,

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Quincy Adams

Quote, "Trump once called Cruz a liar"

One of those rare moments when Trump was not lying himself. Lying is a quality that Trump prizes and Cruz knowingly lied about the Trump voter fraud charade that egged on the deaths, destruction and sacking of our Capitol.

He is a traitor to the country breaking his oath to our Constitution. He should be removed as well.

Until people start getting serious about fighting Trumpism, it's only going to get worse.

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