In the Oct. 1 column by Don Volz, Mr. Volz says that we should not be too proud to ask for God’s help. On this point, I heartily agree. I ask for God’s help every day, and lately my requests for help have been pleas to protect me and America from people like Mr. Volz. 

Mr. Volz writes that Democrats are advancing the ideologies of Marxism, communism, and socialism and “distorting the imperfect yet noble legacy of our nation.” 

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Jim Sohan

No, I’m not entitled to my own facts, which is why I can't let Bob leave readers with the impression that his "facts" are indeed facts and correct. While the reasons for a decrease in abortions can be argued, and there’s no way to know with certainty what has driven the decline, the actual number of abortions is a fact that can’t be manipulated. Abortion rates continually increased after Roe vs Wade was decided in 1973, and peaked around 25 million per year. Abortion rates declines during the Reagan and first Bush administrations at a rate of about 4 percent per year from around 25 million to around 23 million. Abortion rates declined 30 percent during Clinton’s presidency, dropping from that 23 million number to around 16 million per year. Under the second Bush administration the rate of decline was only 3 percent and the number of abortions remained at approximately 16 million per year. During the Obama years abortion rates declined 26 percent to around 12 million per year. The Trump Administration is sitting at about a 4 percent decline, which will leave the number of abortions per year right around 12 million. Again, while the number of abortions have declined since the early 1980s, and the reason(s) for that decline can be argued, the facts are there have been greater declines in the number of abortions per year during Democratic administrations vice Republican administrations. This may be nothing more than coincidence, but it doesn’t change the facts which is a significant difference in abortion rates during Democratic and Republican administrations with a greater decline during Democratic administrations.

Rita Wittwer

I find it interesting that Republicans are against choice when it comes to abortion, but have no problem cutting programs that sustain the health of children who breathe outside the womb. These same people support trump, who has eviscerated the Republican Party as well as our democracy.

Bob Page

Sorry Jim your not entities to your own fact. Under Bill Clinton 8 years there were over 21 mil. abortions. When GW took office and made a change less than 9 mil in 8 years. And had stayed less than a mil every year since. And you can’t expect me to believe worse has been said or done to Obama than Trump. Obama was never scrutinized, attacked or vilified like Trump. So thank you for the conversation but I’ll be moving on. We’ll just agree to disagree.

Jim Sohan

Bob, thank you again for the opportunity to provide some facts and an alternative opinion on these issues. The rate of abortions declines significantly under Democratic administrations compared to Republican administrations. This is due mainly to increased access to health care, contraceptives, and information under Democratic administrations. So, if people want to reduced the need for and number of abortions vice simply banning the procedure and forcing it underground, maybe they should consider voting for Joe Biden. Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have supported peaceful protests and spoke out against looting and violence all along. Donald Trump on the other hand struggles to call out White Supremacy, and rather than attempting to bridge the divides and address the root causes of the problem, he simply chooses to pour gasoline on it. I hate to break it to everyone, this is Donald Trump’s America today. If people want the rioting and violence to end, voting for Donald Trump is not the way to do it. Again, we are living in Donald Trump’s America and his America isn’t going to change with his reelection. As for the harm “they” wish on DT. I ask everyone to go back a read what was written and said about the Obamas by the Right and Right leaning news media, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh in particular. Once you read the vile, disgusting comments directed at the Obamas, come back and show/tell me how what has been said about Donald Trump is worse. Donald Trump would’ve lost it a long time ago if he had been treated anything like the the Obamas were treated. I’ll say it again, go back and read what was said about the Obamas, go back and actually read and listen to it, before you try and say how bad Donald Trump has it. Knowing Bob is a Veteran, and I thank him for his service, I’m going to close with a simple question for him. Bob, can you say it was wrong and unacceptable for Donald Trump to imply he contracted Covid-19 from meeting with Gold Star families. Please don’t distract, deflect, change the subject or provide “what-about-isms”. It’s a simply yes or no question. Can you say it was wrong and unacceptable for Donald Trump to imply he contracted Covid-19 from meeting with Gold Star families. Yes or no. Just a yes or a no please.

Bob Page

Me Kappel I’m convinced people just like you is what’s tearing this country apart. “Most democrats aren’t socialist” but the ones that are the ones in position to change the laws. You pray to your god to protect you against Mr Vol well how about praying to God to stop abortions and rioting and looting and total destruction. How bout praying for putting kindness in the hearts of your Democratic breathren and stop the unbelievable onslaught of harm they wish to DT. No, the Democrats are leading you to complete socialist country you simply choose to continue to look through the fogged over Dem glasses. Me Volz can express his opinion but it’s the Socialist Democratic Party you should seek assistance in stopping.

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