Let’s be honest, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican we all share a sense of frustration with government. The unfortunate fact is that we tend to express this frustration in terms of anger at “the other guy” and politicians — hamstrung by the processes of government themselves — have learned that harnessing this anger is the best way to get reelected. I have a solution: Bring back pork-barrel spending.

In recent years the use of pork-barrel spending — the process by which a congressman’s vote is “bought” in exchange for a little government largesse in his home district — has gotten a bad name. But isn’t the real truth that we hate “pork” only to the extent that we don’t get it for ourselves?

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I suppose the fake news does not cover all of the pork and blatant corruption that exists today. There is plenty of pork being distributed. For an example, and there are more than I care to research, what about the $1 Billion given to the Appalachian Regional Commission and a $160,000/year administrative job for his wife, Gayle Manchin, in exchange for a flipped vote for the latest COVID relief package by Senator Manchin of West Virginia? It is probably all coincidental….

I know the corruption exists in both parties, I just wish we could drain the swamp and elect people (notice I did not say politicians) that would do right for our country rather than for themselves.

Richard Johnson

You seem to think "republicans" approve of even local pork from our congressional representative. You would be wrong. As to the so called "infrastructure bill", anything that does not result in a physical item of common use, is NOT infrastructure by any legitimate definition. The border wall, was infrastructure. It was asked for by the Border Patrol as one of the things that would assist in controlling our border. Even a horse for them could be considered infrastructure. Federal money for the Wurstfest hall although could be considered infrastructure, is not something that should be funded by the Federal Government. (Local and State, yes.)

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