In a letter to the Herald-Zeitung, John Hillje quotes from the New York Times, the news organ of the extreme left, that Rob Schenk, an evangelical minister who formerly was against abortion, has flip-flopped and is now an ardent advocate for abortion. Schenk states that since his about-face he now appreciates, “ ...the full significance of the terrible poverty, social marginalization and bald-faced racism that persist in many of the states whose legislators are now essentially banning abortion.” 

Schenk further states that parents, “...too often find themselves forced to bear children for whom they cannot adequately care.” 

Now we know that Schenk and Hillje think that the murder of a preborn infant is necessary to prevent her or his family from having to “adequately care” for them and to prevent “terrible poverty, social marginalization and bald-faced racism.” 

Contrast these possible consequences with what happens without question to the infant when it is aborted. 

Schenk finally says that anyone who doesn’t agree with their position, “is indeed a fool.” 

So now we know that Schenk, and indirectly Hillje, both have the peculiarly befuddled notion that anyone who doesn’t fully endorse their view on abortions is a bald-faced racist and a fool.     

John K. Landry,

New Braunfels

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