After reading the editorial “This has happened before and it will happen again” I felt a need to respond. 

How much responsibility does the press accept for the attitudes of most people in our country? 

Is the press supposed to be:

1. fair and not biased?

2. honest in their reporting?

3. report only what they agree with, but not report what they disagree with? 

How many times has the press reported all the positive changes and accomplishments that have occurred and are still occurring since Donald Trump has been President?

Americans like to read and hear positive news. It makes us feel good. We like to read all the good things happening in our country that make us proud Americans. If the news media would start following the standards that a free press is supposed to be following, would it make a difference?

You concluded with “But don’t hold your breath for any change.” Can I “hold my breath” for the free press to change?

Penny Potter,

New Braunfels

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Martha Mendez

"What if Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?"

Stephen Baird

Maybe someone can enlighten me with all of the positive things that have happened since Donald Trump became President. He's done his best to ruin healthcare, ignore the truth of climate change, bring our yearly deficit back up to over a trillion dollars. Don't say the economy. The economy improvement is just an extension of what happened in the last years of Obama's presidency. The tax cut has turned out to feature, as the vast majority of economists said, no real trickle down, as history should have told us - think Reagan and Bush.

Charlie Willette

Indeed well said Penny!

Bob Page

Well said Penny.

Jim Sohan

Please, stop with the false equivalencies and misdirection. What does this have to do with the editorial. The standard line of the Trump administration is if it's not a news story that praises the President's so called accomplishments, it's a bad story or the President is being bashed. If the current administration wants positive stories then produce some positive accomplishments vice trying to convince everyone how many great things have been done, when they haven't, and stop bashing and blaming the media for their own shortcomings. The media doesn't have any easy job and by no means is anyone perfect, but just because the don't say what you want them to say doesn't mean they're not honest and doing the best they can. Now back to the original editorial. Unfortunately, Donald Trump missed a true opportunity to turn his Presidency around as a result of these unfortunate tragedies. Let's image if President Trump had stepped up to the podium; stated these acts were unacceptable; racism was unacceptable in any form; admitted his speech and conduct was partially responsible for the shootings; told Mitch McConnell to call the Senate back and pass the background check law, red flag law and ban "assault" weapons. The 2020 Presidential race would be over in a heart beat, the Democrats would only be debating who was going to be the one to take the beating, and President would probably truly go down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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